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For Men

VIDEO: Local woman to give back to her beloved gays with "Hot Mess" event at Rich's, to benefit AVRC

Wife and mother Cali Griebel, who has become a beloved figure in the LGBT community in the short time that she has been a part of it, is excited about her newfound passion as activist. Her work with the recent Matthew Shepard rally inspired her to do more, so she decided to start by giving back to the community that has welcomed her with open arms.

Pop Op: Time to get serious?

Travis has some news, some not so surprising facts about our community and some lingering questions as he prepares to start his second year writing for SDGLN.

Life with Benny: Harassment of LGBT youth must stop

I did not plan on writing about this topic, but I read these two articles about recent LGBT teen suicides with sadness, anger and a sense of wanting to wrap my arms around all LGBT youth and protect them for the big, bad world that we live in.

Pop Op: A tale of two cities

Travis shares with us some of the birthday shenanigans he experienced, split between his two favorite cities, LA and San Diego.

Hanging out with Benny: Get out the vote - naked or not!

We are fast approaching November 2010 but as I talk to people around town, some do not even realize an election is coming up. Really? We will be electing a new governor (yes, good old Arnold is termed out), voting on senators, county supervisors, councilmembers, state assembly, school board - there are many reasons to get out and vote!

Life with Benny: New beginnings

I'm back and I’m really starting to embrace this next decade of my life, having become fully immersed in "30." It has been four months now and I have completely realized that life did not end at 30, it has only gotten better, but is also time for new beginnings.