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For Men

Pop Op: Breakups create Cold War among friends

More than one generation of pop star has warned us that love is a battlefield, and lately, I’ve found myself walking in a minefield, myself.

Pop Op: Games of the heart

In our post-breakup lives are we all just playing a game without any rules - possibly even with ourselves?

Pop Op: Teaching the rookie new tricks

Since my breakup I've been looking for a project; I have a new friend Jacob who recently came out and that’s just the kind of project I need to be working on.

Critical Mass: Passion for a cause or just a bunch of obnoxious bikers?

When I was about 13 years old growing up in Allied Gardens, I figured out that if I rode my bike just over a hill towards College Avenue, it would eventually hit El Cajon Blvd, which seemed like a gateway to the world I was isolated from.

I love Hillcrest, now let me count the ways we can celebrate it

Hillcrest has something for every body. Where else could you go vintage clothes shopping, jog through the most beautiful park in the city, have a cocktail in a sea of pink flamingos, watch a drag queen or two walk by, and then walk home?

I have a dream: Generations of pride, working together

Looking back at our community’s history, it was people of all ages who stood up against oppression and fought for a place at the table. Our struggle needs to continue to be a collaboration between the generations.

Pride - rainbows and flamingos here we come!

Within the next couple of days pink flamingos will be popping up all over town as a symbol that San Diego Pride is fast approaching!

Gearing up for SD Pride

Follow Benny's thought process as he focuses in on how he - and we all - begin to gear up for our own San Diego Pride festivities.