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Albert Ogle

RGOD2: Living in the imagination of God

On the eve of the first LGBTQ Spiritual Summit in San Diego, keynote speaker, Albert Ogle, gives a preview of recovering forgotten treasures within yourself.

RGOD2: Where is God when needed most?

With all of these challenges this week across the globe, a few people have asked me the courageous question: “How could God allow this to happen?”

RGOD2: Getting ready for San Diego Pride

Get out and celebrate at San Diego Pride, but also think about our brothers and sisters in places where LGBT people are not tolerated and respected.

RGOD2: Hey, Joe Biden! Where’s the beef?

Where's the beef? The Obama Administration is saying all the right things about global gay rights, but where's the money?

Risking everything to advance LGBT rights in Jamaica

As a young lesbian activist and college student, Angeline Jackson is bravely putting a public face on the emerging LGBT community in Jamaica. She is the founder of Quality of Citizenship Jamaica (QCJ), and is its first executive director.

Anglican leader James Tengatenga, free to speak, opens up on homophobia

In his first major interview since Dartmouth yanked his appointment to a prestigious post, James Tengatenga, formerly the Episcopal Bishop for Southern Malawi, opens up like never before on issues of utmost important to LGBT Africans. Find out what he had to say.

RGOD2: A prayer for all LGBT prisoners

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle wrote this prayer -- in English and French -- after visiting LGBT people imprisoned in Cameroon for their sexual orientation/gender identity. His suggestion: Pope Francis should pray it.

RGOD2: Mentoring, LGBT people’s highest calling

There are sacred moments when, as young people, we chose our mentors. As we get older, it is our responsibility to mentor others.