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Albert Ogle

RGOD2: Confessions of a naive gay cleric – “I fed and schooled Bahati”

It is ironic that a gay man helped David Bahati survive an early trauma of deprivation and loss, who then become the author of such a frightening narrative, where parents and caregivers are now expected to turn on the very people who put bread on his table.

RGOD2: A mother’s love

Thelma Ogle’s final gift to us is simply about bringing us all together to celebrate her life and to figure out how we carry on without her amazingly powerful presence in the world.

RGOD2: The gay man who drove with Mandela

Cecil Williams is an unknown name to most LGBT Africans, forgotten by mainstream society precisely because he was both gay and white. No one has fully claimed this gay man, except Nelson Mandela.

RGOD2: “You must be barricades against exclusion”

The World Council of Churches ends with a powerful prayer for inclusion read by the Rev. Michael Lapsley of South Africa, who asked for forgiveness from the LGBT community for the ways in which churches have historically excluded us.

RGOD2: Nature red in tooth and claw

A crisis can both bring out the best and worst in us individually and collectively. We can find inspiration in the simple ways human beings reach out in compassion and solidarity, we can be simply indifferent and cocoon ourselves from human suffering whenever possible, or worse, we can exploit others suffering for our own validation.

RGOD2: The Freedom Tree remains a somber symbol even today

The Freedom Tree was a symbol of the worst possible period in Africa’s tragic history, but clearly, these issues have morphed into new challenges and new forms of inhumanity.

RGOD2: What I learned in The Gambia at human-rights conference

The meetings dealt with gender inequality and violence, refugees, prisons, the International Criminal Courts, economic and social rights, the LGBT community and one of the most recent African communities to seek greater attention and protection, people with Albinism.