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Albert Ogle

RGOD2: After the election, pray for grace

After political campaigns that got incredibly heated and deeply personal, it is time for America to heal. The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle offers timely advice on how to achieve that goal.

RGOD2: Leaning into the wind

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle shares his spirited conversation with a man who had never met a gay person but thinks gays are responsible for Hurricane Sandy and more.

RGOD2: The spiritual journey begins in exile

"We must stand with our brave brothers and sisters who face daily threats and insults and give them the tools and the safety nets to do the work that someone needs to do."

RGOD2: "A week is a long time in politics"

The Clinton Global Initiatives network, representing almost $80 billion investment in domestic and overseas development, recognizes the invaluable contribution of LGBT people around the world. It's a huge moment on the global level.