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anti-gay violence

Gay rights groups baffled by mistrial in slaying of gay classmate

Two prominent gay rights groups expressed their disappointment and dismay after a California judge declared a mistrial late Thursday in the high-profile case involving the slaying of a gay classmate in Oxnard.

In Syria, "anti-regime gay people" are being "hunted"

It is hard enough for gay Syrians to have to hide and fear the authorities because of their sexuality in a country where homosexuality is forbidden by law. The danger becomes more threatening with Assad fanatics threatening to expose those who dare to have a different political opinion.

Long Beach rallies against hate crimes

"As one community made up of many, we are stronger than the few cowardly individuals working against us."

Woman sues Sizzler after anti-gay attack in restaurant

"Just because I don’t appear to be the Sizzler manager’s idea of what a woman should look like doesn’t mean that gives him permission to attack me and allow other customers to join in. My friends and I went in for Saturday brunch just like everyone else in the restaurant that morning, but it turned into a nightmare. No one should have to go through that."

COMMENTARY: Making a case why Provincetown is unsafe for black lesbians

The sexual and homophobic harassment many of us LBT sisters endure from many of our heterosexual brothers of African descent back home in our communities, or imported from one of the Caribbean Islands has, too, become an inescapably reality at P-town.