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Ben and Jerry's

Free cones from Ben and Jerry's today

The cones are only limited “to the number of times you can get back in line."

For those of you who want to cool down as temperatures begin to feel more like summer in San Diego, Ben and Jerry’s is holding their annual free cone event today

This yearly giveaway is the company’s way of saying thank you to their customers while giving back to the community.

Ben and Jerry's in Australia won't allow 2 scoops of same flavor until marriage equality

Ben and Jerry's is banning people from getting two of the same flavors on one cone in Australia.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream might be one of the only food products in America that puts their political views right on their label. 

And now that activism has transcended closer to the equator where gay marriage is still illegal. The nearly four-decades old company is not allowing customers to order two scoops of the same flavor in any of its 26 stores in Australia.