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business profiles

Business profile: Joey Kirkpatrick, Licensed Massage Therapist

Joey Kirkpatrick, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) says he has a passion for health and wellness, and for providing effective therapy to structural imbalances in the body, while decreasing stress and promoting relaxation.

Business profile: House of Khan

Those who have traveled to that part of the world will agree that House of Khan’s menu is not only staying true to those cultures, the restaurant is doing it with an incredible amount of flare.

Business profile: POSH Palm Springs Inn

Owners and partners Tony Gangloff and Santo Aloisi treat every guest like they are visitors in their own home. Upon check-in, each and every guest is personally greeted by Gangloff and Aloisi, given a brief tour of the property and amenities, and that is just the beginning.


While bars are no longer the only safe space for LGBT people, these establishments still hold a special place in the community and the team at I Heart Gay Bars want to celebrate them.

BUSINESS PROFILE: Rudolph, Baker and Associates

The team at Rudolph, Baker and Associates is ready to work through these issues with its clients, providing first class legal representation.

BUSINESS PROFILE: Art of Elegance Entertainment

Andrew Peters, owner of Art of Elegance Entertainment, is a full-service wedding entertainment director, lighting specialist and professional musician. With 300 weddings under his belt, he is ready to help his clients - people who don't want the typical cookie-cutter wedding - throw the best wedding party possible.