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Center for American Progress

LGBT Americans caught in "fiscal cliff" showdown

The report details the negative effects that sequestration would have on LGBT Americans in areas such as employment, health, housing, higher education and safety.

Report: Critical government surveys omit gay, transgender people

A new report outlines how government data plays a critical role in the country’s policy-making process, but that the lack of reliable data about the gay and transgender population increases the likelihood that stereotypes and myths will shape policies that impact the LGBT community.

It's Tax Day, and LGBT families are getting hosed

For many LGBT families, Tax Day marks the end of an annual encounter with inequality. Although the federal tax code began incorporating marriage and family-based tax incentives in 1913, many LGBT families still cannot benefit from this tax relief.

Supporting gay and transgender youth most in need

The White House today is hosting the LGBT Conference on Housing & Homelessness in Detroit, Mich. The event is the second in a series of conferences being held across the country to address the unique needs of LGBT Americans.