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Chris Shaw

Urban Mo's vandal stands before judge

Urban Mo's Bar and Grill in Hillcrest

CBS 8 is reporting today that one of the women involved with the vandalization of Urban Mo’s in Hillcrest last month stood in front of a judge on Thursday.

Stonewall Citizens' Patrol to celebrate 8 years tonight

The Stonewall Citizens' Patrol will host "Keep Our Wheels Turning" this evening from 6-9 pm to celebration the organization's 8 years of service to the community. The event will be held at Gossip Grill.

Mo's Universe issues statement regarding Stoli Vodka

Mo's Universe, which operates three restaurants and bars in Hillcrest that serve Stoli products, has taken an interesting approach and is hoping to help change the conversation on the issue, while advocating for human rights around the world.