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Civil Unions

Delaware celebrates first same-sex civil unions

Two women became the first couple in Delaware joined in a same-sex, civil-union ceremony during a stirring and historic service at their Wilmington church Sunday afternoon.

In Australia, Queensland Parliament OKs civil unions

The bill will grant same-sex couples the right to enter in to legally recognised civil unions. At least one of the parties to the civil partnership must live in Queensland.

Brazil's top appellate court: Marriage equality is legal

Tuesday’s ruling by Brazil's Supreme Appeals Court overturned two lower court’s ruling against the women, and makes it the highest court in Latin America's largest nation to uphold a gay marriage.

A gay divorce catches attention of Kenyans

The London gay wedding of Kenyan men Charles Ngengi and Daniel Chege Gichia sent shock waves throughout Kenya. And now their divorce is registering on the Richter scale.

The Blogoweet: One straight man's blog on same-sex marriage could change the world, one state at a time

Eric wrote a blog today, one that is already starting to attract a lot of attention. He is uptight and angry that his hometown state of North Carolina is messing with the rights of LGBT same-sex couples there. He was so angry he even added a pie-chart to his blog entry -- so you know he means business. But when you read his blog entry, you won't feel that anger, you will only feel compassion and understanding, and hopefully learn a lesson or two.