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Civil Unions

Lawsuit seeks marriage equality in New Jersey

The case combines both state and federal claims. It argues that the civil union law violates both the New Jersey Constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment of the federal Constitution.

Brazil’s high court OKs civil unions

Brazil becomes the 20th country to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples. In South America, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay have already legalized some form of marriage equality for all citizens.

COMMENTARY: Which America do you want to live in?

So, which America do you want to live in? Are you willing to fight for your rights to equality? Or are you going to sit on the sidelines and settle for being a second-class citizen?

Study: Catholics lead on LGBT equality

"Most Catholics live in the real world and interact with gay and lesbian people, often members of their own families, and they see that we are human beings with the same concerns as theirs.”