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Delores A. Jacobs

Dr. Delores Jacobs Day proclaimed June 22, just before her retirement from The Center

June 22, 2018 proclaimed Dr. Delores Jacobs Day.

Today, the San Diego City Council issued a proclamation declaring Friday, June 22, 2018, to be Dr. Delores Jacobs Day in the City of San Diego. Jacobs, who has been at the helm of The San Diego LGBT Community Center as its Chief Executive Officer for the past 17 years, will end her service to The Center on June 30.

LETTER TO COMMUNITY: What a week it has been

Moments like yesterday remind us of two truths – the fight requires commitment and courage, even in the face of terrible odds, and we can win if we keep fighting.

COMMENTARY: Celebrating Pride

On such days of celebration and remembering, we celebrate together how far a community has come and how much they have contributed, we remember all those who have fought the good fight and have inspired us to do more, and we are outraged together at how far we still have to go to achieve full equality and justice.