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FilmOut San Diego

FilmOut Q&A: “White Frog” with director Quentin Lee | VIDEO

Director Quentin Lee talks with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, sharing how his new movie “White Frog” makes him cry no matter how many times he has seen it and how he hopes audiences will also be deeply affected by the story.

FilmOut Q&A: “Pit Stop” with writer-director Yen Tan | VIDEO

Writer-director Yen Tan, who is a native of Malaysia, tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News how he brought an authentic piece of Texas to the big screen. “Pit Stop” eloquently illustrates the struggles and heartbreak of blue-collar gay men struggling to find their way in rural America.

FilmOut Q&A: “I Do” with director Glenn Gaylord | VIDEO

Director Glenn Gaylord tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News that his movie, “I Do,” really connects with audiences. “I'd love it if audiences didn't just think of this as the gay marriage/immigration movie. It's definitely covering that, but an issue is nothing unless you have characters you would die for,” he says.

FilmOut Q&A: “Meth Head” and director Jane Clark | VIDEO

Director Jane Clark speaks with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about “Meth Head,” sharing how her brother’s death due to complications of meth addiction helped to inspire her to make this hard-hitting movie that pulls no punches.

FilmOut Q&A: "Love Or Whatever" with director Rosser Goodman | VIDEO

Director Rosser Goodman chats with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about “Love Or Whatever,” and shares the inside info on how this “rom-com” came to be made and how she found the stunningly handsome actor Joel Rush.

FilmOut Q&A: “Out In The Dark” with writer/director Michael Mayer | VIDEO

Michael Mayer makes an impressive feature film debut as director of this taboo gay love story set in Israel and the Palestinian territory, and he co-writes the screenplay with Yael Shafrir. Mayer chats with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about his remarkable film.