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FilmOut Q&A: “Pit Stop” with writer-director Yen Tan | VIDEO

Writer-director Yen Tan, who is a native of Malaysia, tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News how he brought an authentic piece of Texas to the big screen. “Pit Stop” eloquently illustrates the struggles and heartbreak of blue-collar gay men struggling to find their way in rural America.

FilmOut Q&A: “I Do” with director Glenn Gaylord | VIDEO

Director Glenn Gaylord tells San Diego Gay & Lesbian News that his movie, “I Do,” really connects with audiences. “I'd love it if audiences didn't just think of this as the gay marriage/immigration movie. It's definitely covering that, but an issue is nothing unless you have characters you would die for,” he says.

FilmOut Q&A: “Meth Head” and director Jane Clark | VIDEO

Director Jane Clark speaks with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about “Meth Head,” sharing how her brother’s death due to complications of meth addiction helped to inspire her to make this hard-hitting movie that pulls no punches.

FilmOut Q&A: "Love Or Whatever" with director Rosser Goodman | VIDEO

Director Rosser Goodman chats with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about “Love Or Whatever,” and shares the inside info on how this “rom-com” came to be made and how she found the stunningly handsome actor Joel Rush.

FilmOut Q&A: “Out In The Dark” with writer/director Michael Mayer | VIDEO

Michael Mayer makes an impressive feature film debut as director of this taboo gay love story set in Israel and the Palestinian territory, and he co-writes the screenplay with Yael Shafrir. Mayer chats with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about his remarkable film.