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Hal Sparks

The LGBT community's straight man: Hal Sparks ignites the stage with comedy and smarts

Hal Sparks says he's all-in for a "Queer as Folk" reunion.

Hal Sparks knows a lot of things and he's not afraid to talk to you about them. Which is a good thing because he was sitting in L.A. traffic when he called me for our interview so I learned a few things about him. Hal is one of those people that makes life's biggest problems sound so easy to figure out.

Hal Sparks, from "Queer As Folk" to San Diego and everywhere in between | COMEDY VIDEOS

Hal Sparks will be headlining at the Mad House Comedy Club in San Diego on Friday and Saturday. In an exclusive interview with SDGLN, he is passionately focused on discussing politics, the Far Right agenda, and how the groundbreaking “Queer As Folk” affected his career in unexpected ways.