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Harvey Milk

Back Out With Benny: Sunday Fundays and more

Around Hillcrest, my favorite day of the week is Sunday (known by many as “Sunday Funday”). In the afternoon, a lot of people are out and about enjoying the many restaurants and bars in the area without the expectations of a Friday or Saturday night out.

Back Out With Benny: Another year … And Dining Out

While most older than me still consider me to be young, I’ve learned a lot in my 30s, and one of the things I’ve learned is to just take life for what it is. It gives us new challenges, opportunities, struggles, and joy every single day. I go with the flow, do my best, and don’t sweat the small things.

Harvey Milk commemorated on U.S. postage stamp

The United States Postal Service (USPS) announced they will issue a postage stamp with the image of LGBT civil rights leader Harvey Milk.

Mo's Universe issues statement regarding Stoli Vodka

Mo's Universe, which operates three restaurants and bars in Hillcrest that serve Stoli products, has taken an interesting approach and is hoping to help change the conversation on the issue, while advocating for human rights around the world.

SDGLN exclusive: DoD Pride VIDEO pays tribute to fallen LGBT service members

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News has obtained a copy of a video produced by DoD Pride for LGBT Pride Month that poignantly pays tribute to service members from the LGBT community who have died, some in combat in service of their country, and some who tragically were killed by fellow service members.