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COMMENTARY: Women’s History Month in poetry and prose

March is National Women’s History Month, a fact I note every year, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. I am conflicted. And this particular bit of oppositional thinking cannot be attributed to my nutty genetic code. … Well maybe the predisposition for it can. Regardless, I’ve an active distaste for the need of such a month.

COMMENTARY: I didn’t ask for the anal probe! * | VIDEO

Legislators who are opposed to legal abortion have passed, or have attempted to pass, legislation that forces women seeking abortions to undergo medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds. In these cases, the obvious purpose is to discourage abortions.

COMMENTARY: I’ve had an abortion, but will my daughter be able to?

I’ve exercised my right to choose several times, and I live at peace with the full range of consequences, including my daughter. I hope she is able to exercise the same right. And I wonder: Will Roe v. Wade be here for her?

HRC observes National LGBT Health Awareness Week coast to coast

“During National LGBT Health Awareness Week we will confront the ongoing healthcare challenges facing our community. This week is an opportunity to shine a light on our community’s healthcare needs and promote LGBT health on Capitol Hill and across the country.”