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Hillary Clinton

RGOD2: President Clinton recognizes LGBT global rights and faith leaders

President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now have the opportunity to prevent an LGBT genocide, given the deep connection between criminalization of homosexuality and access to HIV prevention and treatment.

The Advocate's 45 years of LGBT heroes

Any celebration of the The Advocate's founding in 1967 must honor the heroes for LGBT rights that we've covered for 45 years. With one honoree named per year, the list will be announced in parts and culminate in an event in Los Angeles this month.

RGOD2: Remembering David Kato, a light shining in the darkness

The murder of Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato left an indelible scar in our hearts, but there are unmistakable signs of healing around the world. The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle looks at the changes in the year since David's slaying.

On gay rights, President Barack Obama lets surrogates lead

Obama’s strategy, administration officials and gay rights advocates say, reflects two conflicting forces. He recognizes that support for gay rights and same-sex marriage is growing, but he is reluctant in an election year to be drawn into a culture-war issue.