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Target won't sell Frank Ocean's new CD, calls it a business decision not relating to his coming out

Frank Ocean's album may currently be the most buzzed about disc in music, but Target isn't interested. Billboard reports the discount retail giant announced it will not sell Channel Orange, claiming the decision was a reaction to iTunes' one-week exclusive. Many are wondering, however, if the move was actually inspired by the fact that Ocean recently came out.

Siempre En La Lucha: Latinos and marriage equality

Conservative pundits are wrong. Latinos are more supportive of marriage equality than Americans as a whole.


Patrick Wallace is the co-founder of A Note To My Kid, a popular San Diego-based website that provides a forum for people around the world to share their love with the LGBTQ people in their lives.

Brazilian volleyball player comes out after slurs chanted during game

While Rio de Janeiro is routinely ranked as a top destination for gay tourists, watchdog groups say violence against gays is on the rise in Brazil, and the casual homophobia thrown in the face of Santos is an endemic problem, especially in sports and not only in Brazil.