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ion’s BLKBOX

Theater Review: "The Twentieth Century Way"

This is Johnson’s third turn at ion, and he gets better every time I see him.

Here’s a novel setup: Two actors – “ruggedly handsome” Warren (Richard Johnson) and “pretty boy” Brown (Colton Iverson) do improv while waiting – and waiting – for auditions for the same film role.

The more assertive Warren suggests a vice theme based on an actual obscure law passed in California in 1914 which called oral copulation “social vagrancy.”

Theater Review: "Lydia"

“Lydia” plays through July 2, 2016 at ion’s BLKBOX, 3704 Sixth Avenue in Hillcrest.

Prepare yourself for the shock of entering ion theatre, where 17-year-old Ceci lies on a mattress, apparently asleep. But there’s a not-quite-right look about her, and soon enough we learn that a horrible car crash two years ago – the day before her quinceañera celebration – put her in a permanent vegetative state for which she needs full-time care.