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Kickxy Vixen Styles

Join Kickxy Vixen-Styles' weekly RuPaul All Star viewing party

There are the drag celebrities made famous on reality TV and then there are the ones made famous in reality, Kickxy-Vixen Styles is the latter, but she is celebrating the former in a new show at Rich's. 

Where in the world is Landa Plenty going?

For three years Landa Plenty has been entertaining Hillcrest, she gives her farewell performance at DIVAS on Friday night.

The San Diego DIVAS are celebrating two birthdays on Friday, one literally the other figuratively.

First, it's San Diego’s premier cos-play drag queen Kickxy Vixen-Styles’ birthday. Everyone who knows Styles can attest to her incredible knowledge of all things pop culture, comic books, and X-(wo)Men.  

Who needs RuPaul's Drag Race when you have Facebook Live?

Getting “beat” in a drag makeup room doesn’t mean you call 911 and letting something “cook” doesn’t mean it’s going to burn.  

These terms are used to describe what a drag performer does before going on stage. You might know this already if watch “Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” or spend any time hanging out backstage at a drag show before curtain.