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Kit-Bacon Gressitt

COMMENTARY: Paul Ryan swaps unborn babies for vice presidency

So Republican voters beware: If Ryan will dump his long-time commitment to the nation’s unborn pre-voters just to get elected, imagine what other chicanery we could expect from him as vice president.

Best-selling author Selden Edwards to appear Friday in La Jolla

Selden Edwards’ books expose the paradox of time travel and predestination, fascinating characters from history, the evolution of psychology and dream interpretation, all of which he has incorporated into his books with an articulate and wonderfully facile gift for delivering complex concepts through fictional dialogue and action.

COMMENTARY: I think therefore I'm finished

Kit-Bacon Gressitt's return to college proves to be an eye-opener: "Instead of plunging into a sanctuary of intellectual exploration, challenging concepts and collegial discourse, I had to battle a vortex of classism, homophobia and sexism to get through most of my classes."

COMMENTARY: Living on the dark side of the rainbow

What the hell do I know from prejudice, right? There’s racism, homophobia, misogyny, classism, ageism, a vast spectrum of “otherisms”— the dark side of the rainbow — all of them designating certain groups of people as “other.”

COMMENTARY | Women, too: An HIV allegory

Kit-Bacon Gressitt's commentary this week is an allegory about how half of the world's HIV-positive people are daughters -- our daughters -- and how they are often shunned or forgotten in the war on AIDS.

COMMENTARY: Is awareness of HIV enough?

The North County LGBTQ Resource Center, which opened in Oceanside last December, is partnering with North County Connection to provide an HIV testing site that complements the center’s social and support activities.

COMMENTARY: "What is wrong with people?"

“You know, this conversation would make a terrible short story. There’s no arc. No beginning, no middle, no end. No one changes! It’s the same old crappola. Can’t we fix anything?”

COMMENTARY: Bitch session

Yes, overt attacks against women demand attention and correction, but words also do damage, and the sexist words we use warrant correcting, even words like “bitch session.”