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Kit-Bacon Gressitt

COMMENTARY: Pondering results of an electing inaction at CSUSM

"Without high standards for campus community participation reinforced with actions, without well-articulated and specific condemnation — not censorship — by the administration, without any repercussions for harassing the collective majority of the diverse student body, it is inevitable that at least one student would determine that he would try his hand at, say, election fraud."

COMMENTARY: The war on women still rages

The Republicans, the Blunt amendment and Rush Limbaugh show an unprecedented assault on women's rights. And March is National Women's History Month. Now is the time to fight back, and here's how.

COMMENTARY: My date with Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich is on a campaign in search of a presidency, but he’s having some trouble keeping his ambitious foot out of his mouth.

COMMENTARY: The Wall weeps for many

Millions of visitors make pilgrimages to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, leaving things personal and symbolic. They are tangible reminders of the impact of war on all of us.