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Kit-Bacon Gressitt

COMMENTARY: Why fatherhood?

I am certain what does matter is how we do it, fatherhood and motherhood, and how we do it does not have to be restricted to the binary choices our culture foists on us, choices based on location or sex — or sexuality. We could simply choose to do parenthood equitably — for our kids.

COMMENTARY: Point, press, peace

How satisfying it would be to encounter idiocy, point the remote and press a button to fix it.

COMMENTARY with VIDEO: Why we are better than they

When it comes right down to it, chillun, people who choose to hate, people who hate anonymously, people who lie about hating, people who humorize hate to render it invisible, these people who hate are just not as good as the rest of us.

COMMENTARY: Agitating against hatemongers

The Koala exercises the right to free speech ... and so do those who disagree with the hateful rhetoric the tabloid publishes.

COMMENTARY: Hate by any other name

I find being an old student is mostly a blast, but watching young people accept hate as humor — hate that targets most of them — that is heartbreaking.