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LGBT youth

Sen. John Kerry bill would fight LGBT youth homelessness

“As a father, it’s a punch in the gut to imagine children living on the streets, but this year alone, one in 50 American kids will be homeless,” Kerry said. “There are common sense reforms we can implement to help make things better for LGBT youth.”

ACTION ALERT: Thank the San Diego school board for their commitment to safe schools!

Community members are invited to join The Center and all of the other community organizations working on safer schools to express their support and thanks to the School Board and to Superintendent Kowba by emailing brief statements of support to Board President Richard Barrera and Superintendent Bill Kowba.

VIDEO: Center Theater Group in L.A. says "It Gets Better"

Artistic director Michael Ritchie and managing director Charles Dillingham are among those who share personal stories from childhood in a message of support of LGBT youth who may be victims of bullying.

Life with Benny: My personal crusade through the fear and stigma of HIV

Even though Benny has been an gay activist for his whole adult life, HIV/AIDS was a constant cloud floating around his head and his heart until just a few years ago, in large part due to the teachings of his youth. He now stands strong in the fight for greater awareness and against the social stigmas that stifled him for years.