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Michael Kimmel

Life Beyond Therapy: Time for a social media ‘vacay’?

First it was my 19-year-old goddaughter. Then my 30-year-old niece. Now it’s my 45-year-old male client.

What do these people have in common?

They have each decided it’s time for a vacation from social media (or “vacay,” as my goddaughter calls it).

Life Beyond Therapy: 'The untethered soul'

Have you ever wondered, “How can I become less reactive and impulsive?” or “How can I turn down the noisy voice(s) in my head and experience more peace of mind?”

Michael A. Singer’s book “The Untethered Soul” answers questions like these.

Life Beyond Therapy: A 'double testosterone' marriage

I am pleased to report that I recently signed a contract for my new book, “The Double Testosterone Marriage: Monogamy or Open Relationship?” with Rowman & Littlefield publishers.

Life Beyond Therapy: It's not the alcohol; it's you

People love to blame their problems on sources other than themselves. It’s not much fun to take responsibility for our problems, is it? And yet, it’s really the only way to make changes that last.