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RGOD2: When in Rome ...

St. Paul’s Foundation has four delegates in Rome this week to petition the Roman Catholic Church’s support on LGBT issues, particularly around access to HIV health services in the 76 countries where it remains illegal to be LGBT.

COMMENTARY: What Pope Francis has known about gay priests

Pope Francis continues to send seismic shock waves across the globe with his liberal-leaning pronouncements. And they are the most affirmative remarks the world has ever heard on the dicey subjects of abortion, contraception and same-gender marriage.

Heart & Soul: Living in integrity

"Our integrity also has to do with acceptance of who we are rather than who we hope or pretend to be."

RGOD2: Banking on the Pope and the World Bank

The leaders of two major global institutions, Pope Francis and Jim Kim, president of the World Bank, are both pressing a deeper dialogue for LGBT inclusion and support on an unimaginable scale. Can management and grass roots engagement and programs turn these symbolic gestures into reality?

RGOD2: Remembering rightly

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle writes that most LGBT people younger than 25 have no connection to our recent past. Equality is now an expected right and the LGBT community has not been good at “remembering rightly.” Things need to change.

Heart & Soul: Choosing to navigate a two-way street

Instead of forcing the issue, why not treat everyone with the same civility and tolerance that we would want to be treated with, and find a venue that works for everyone.

RGOD2: Fearless love in a gentle soul

A tribute to the Rev. Mervyn Kingston, Church of Ireland’s preeminent faith and justice leader.