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Jim Winsor’s Out & About: Rich’s celebrates 25 years this weekend

Last year's 24th Anniversary Party at Rich's

Rich’s is turning 25 this weekend, and they’ll be celebrating in a big way, with a 25th Anniversary weekend; three days of parties and special performances by Jessica Sanchez, Christina Milian, Willam, and more:

The San Diego Eagle celebrates five years of 'STUD Night' on Sept. 16

Tex Davidson will attend the fifth anniversary of STUD Night at the San Diego Eagle.

The San Diego Eagle is celebrating the five-year anniversary of STUD Night with a grand finale that includes pornstars and cocktails.

Special guests include adult movie star Tex Davidson (pictured above) and Brian Davilla.who have both worked with TitanMen.

Bar knife-attack victim: Don't call me a hero!

Timothy Caudill, who survived a vicious knife attack at San Diego Eagle, bristles when people call him a hero for saving his friend’s life that night.