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transgender issues

In Pakistan, a transgender leader is standing for election

Shahana Abbas Shani, president of Pakistan's She-male Association, announces that she will contest elections as an independent candidate for Muzaffargarh for the Punjab provincial assembly.

Why ABC's new sitcom "Work It" hurts the transgender community

“Transphobia is still all too prevalent in our society and this show will only contribute to it. It will reinforce the mistaken belief that transgender women are simply ‘men pretending to be women,’ and that their efforts to live their lives authentically as women are a form of lying or deception.”

VIDEO: Transgender Chris Tina Bruce to make bodybuilding history this weekend in San Diego

Local personal fitness trainer and nutritional consultant Chris Tina Bruce will be the first transgender participant in a bodybuilding competition this weekend. She will also be the first person to have ever competed as both a man and a woman and says due to the way bodybuilding is run, she has no advantage.

COMMENTARY: Repeal of DADT ignores transgender troops

While our lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) servicemembers now have a policy in place to protect them from discrimination, the repeal of DADT doesn’t protect our transgender servicemembers.

COMMENTARY: Transphobia be damned, Chaz Bono comes out dancing

Transphobia? With what has now amounted to a tsunami of criticism for having Chaz in this season’s lineup, I applaud "Dancing With The Stars" for unwavering, and Chaz for stepping out.