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TS Madison Hinton

Online trans sitcom 'Fish Tank' might be a groundbreaker

It’s about time the world got a comedy featuring trans women and their dating lives. That is exactly what the new online mini-series Fish Tank is about and from the looks of it, it’s a groundbreaker.

This thing IS on! TS Madison gets her own national talk show

TS Madison Hinton dishes through the drive-thru in her new talk show "Lemme Pick You Up."

Celebrity vlogger TS Madison Hinton always starts her Facebook Live broadcasts asking, “Is thing on?” And now the world will see that it definitely is, as she gets her own talk show called “Lemme Pick You Up.”

This isn't your traditional in-studio celebrity exchange.

'Trans' revenge film “The Assignment” already being boycotted

Michelle Rodriguez plays a man forced to become a woman in the controversial film "The Assignment."

The new film “The Assignment” is opening on April 7, but it has many in the trans community already planning to boycott it

Directed by Walter Hill, this thriller follows Michelle Rodriguez taking vigilante action on her captors after they kidnap, then perform man-to-woman sexual re-assignment surgery on her.

Forget Milo, you should be listening to TS Madison

TS Madison Hinton keeps it more real than Milo Yiannopoulos.

For everything that has recently come up about the incendiary tongued Milo Yiannopoulos, there is one person who you should have been listening to all along: TS Madison Hinton. 

Where Milo stops short, Madison continues with raw and unfiltered commentary on a world that may be too afraid to hear her truths.

Thugs record themselves attacking trans women with a gun

Men video themselves assaulting trans women on the street at night.

A disturbing video has surfaced of young men in Louisiana driving through the streets and harassing transgender women with violence and guns.

Captured by the assailants and reposted by Felicity Noire, the shaky footage is disturbing as the men travel the streets at night shouting slurs and threatening the women.

Winners of "WTF- Make America Rage Again" contest announced

A photo from a past WTF event.

We would like to congratulate the lucky winners of the SDPIX “WTF- Make America Rage Again" contest.

Grand Prize:

​Jesse Palmer 

Free entry: 

Aldo Mendez

Samantha Smith

Dillion Korzenok

Rich's nightclub gets crazy on July 2 with their WTF party

So much insanity and fun are to be had at Rich'e WTF - WTF - Make America Rage Again

If you ask anybody who goes out in Hillcrest which recurring party is the most outrageous of the year, they will most likely say it’s WTF at Rich’s.

There is probably no other way to describe this theme-based event, and on July 2, things will be no different.