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RGOD2: The New Zealand interview

SDGLN Contributor the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle is interviewed in New Zealand by Andrew Whiteside of “Gay Talk Tonight” about global LGBT issues.

LGBT group's office in Uganda is vandalized

SMUG, the LGBTI organization led by Frank Magishu, had its offices in Kampala, Uganda broken into and vandalized with almost all office property stolen during the Christmas holiday.

RGOD2: LGBT people face greater visibility, more persecution in 2013

While western democracies cheered at Secretary Clinton’s “gay rights are human rights” speech in Geneva a year ago, a significant coalition of national governments do not share the human rights framework as a basis for protecting their LGBT citizens.

Gay San Diegan gets two-year reprieve from deportation to Uganda | VIDEO

"Consistent with its enforcement priorities, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has granted Mr. Bukombe deferred action for a two-year period to afford him further time to pursue legal options. At the end of that timeframe, ICE will reevaluate his case to determine appropriate next steps."