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Utah Pride

Mormon gay adult site not welcome at Utah Pride

Adult site which fetishsizes Mormon men not allowed at Utah pride.

LeGrand Wolf is not going to be allowed to promote his new gay adult website “Mormon Boyz” at this year’s Utah Pride Festival.

According to Queerty, Wolf applied and then was accepted as a vendor at this year’s event, but just five days after confirmation was told his brand wasn’t welcome, and that organizers weren’t comfortable having it represented at their festival.

Why singer Justin Utley is a national LGBT hero | VIDEO

In what may be one of the most moving speeches to make its way around the internet, Justin Utley appeared at the LGBTQ Discrimination Hearing at the Utah State Capitol. It was the 37 year-old singer’s reputation and a twist of fate that placed him before the Utah leaders in the Senate Building at the state Capitol on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014.