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Waylon Jordan

Movie Review: "Tea With the Dames"

Exclusive Engagement Opens Friday, October 12 at Landmark’s Ken Cinema

Director Roger Michell extends an exclusive invitation into a world few would dare dream to tread in his funny, unapologetically honest, and often eye-opening new documentary Tea with the Dames.

Is masculinity defined below the waist?

There’s a moment.  For many of us, it happens in junior high: We find ourselves in a locker room surrounded by other guys, our thumbs under the waistband of our boxers or briefs, summoning the courage to push them down. 

It’s 2017: Where are the queer horror characters?

For one thing, we must be willing to accept being stereotyped to at least some degree, especially in the beginning.

[Editor's note: Waylon Jordan is an out gay horror movie fan, and writer who writes for iHorror.com. and his editorial below appears in its entirety with permission by the publisher of that website]

Pride Month is here again.

Gay Chilean writer heals from depression by writing violent horror novel

"The Catcher’s Trap" by gay author Ricardo Henriquez is a metaphoric horror novel about the agony of depression.

A few years ago, Ricardo Henriquez was in a fight for his life.

At least, that’s how it felt.

Crippling depression and anxiety had overwhelmed him and he struggled daily to find the will to fight the monsters that only he could see.

Over time, he found his way out of that dark and terrifying place, and yet, he still was not able to leave it completely behind.