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Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton yells at nephew in video for wearing dress



Forget Ralphie’s Red Ryder B.B. gun apparently race car driver Lewis Hamilton thinks there is something far more inappropriate to ask for on Christmas.

The sportsman posted a video shaming his nephew to all of his 5M Instagram followers on Monday after the young lad donned a princess dress and fairy wand.

The video has since been removed from that platform, but others have made it available on other sites. 

You can check it out HERE

“I’m so sad right now,” said Hamilton before turning the camera around to reveal his young relative having a great time in his new costume.

“Look at my nephew. Why are you wearing a princess dress? Is this what you got for Christmas? Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas? BOYS DON’T WEAR princess dresses!!”

Although there are some comments by proxy, Lewis’ Instagram was updated yesterday with him and his dog sleeping near the Christmas tree in what looks like an add for speakers. 

Comments under that video chastise the professional driver for his public reaction to his nephew’s wardrobe:

“Wow …. I’m absolutely sickened by your hateful ignorant behaviour towards a member of your own family, but most importantly because he is a child having fun and being innocent. Sad and sickened that you’re you’re young and should know better. Let him be himself .. how would you like it if you wanted to be a ballet dancer instead of a driver and was shamed. He’s a child just wanting to have magic and fun. I’m really surprised at you. So wrong. Let him just be a child.” — vanillaahh

“It would be so nice to see you publicly apologise and turn this around!! End toxic masculinity.” — samo.arts

Just last week a University of California, Los Angeles study revealed that more than a quarter of California schoolchildren between 12 and 17 believe their peers see them as “gender nonconforming.” 

Which leaves them more open to bullying and psychological distress. 

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