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Gay wrestler Dave Marshall makes money for charity in adults only forum



Professional wrestlers create stage characters much like actors do on Broadway, but Aussie sportsman Dave Marshall has yet to identify his own persona as gay in the ring even though he is open about it in real life. 

Subscribers to his racy OnlyFans page get up close and personal with the sports star and it’s for a good cause. 

In a recent story from Gay Star News the hunky 6’3″ athlete says he got the idea to open a porn page from a former boyfriend.

“After some thought, I did start it up with part [of the] proceeds going to Beyond Blue – a suicide prevention charity,” he told the publication.

It seems plenty of curious fans are on board with the explicit images, Marshall has already raised $3,500 for the organization. 

In his professional career, Marshall wrestles for the Perth-based Southen Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance

“Wrestling had always been the reason I got into fitness and is a big part of what keeps me going,” he told GSN. “I wanted to be a wrestler since I was 10 and am finally living the dream.”

The muscular star has a popular Instagram page which has the link to his OnlyFans page if you would like to see more of him. 

“The reason the money I raise from my OnlyFans goes towards Beyond Blue is seeing everyday how big depression and anxiety has become in society and almost overlooked,” he explains, revealing for the first time that his father dies by suicide last year. 

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