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Toilet paper ad offends consumers because of same-sex focus



As more and more mainstream companies frack into the LGBT dollar, more and more homophobes are committing themselves to stop using products on principle alone.

The latest may not be the best staple to stop using. Toilet paper company Cottonelle has made an ad featuring a same-sex couple meeting the parents for the first time. 

“Down there care from Cottonelle … down there because today you meet the parents,” says the narrator.“So before they sit you down, give your booty a confidence boost with cleaning ripples that remove more at once for a superior clean and make you feel like the kind of guy he takes home to mother.”

Seems harmless enough, and frankly some good health advice, but homophobic consumers are not having it and have taken to social media to scold the paper company. 

Wrote one, “@cottonelle, you’re selling toilet paper why do you have to inject homosexuals into your commercials. It’s disgusting. Sell your products to homosexuals but I’m not buying them.”

Another added: “Recorded a movie. Watching. Cottonelle has a commercial with 2 guys in it, talking about cleaning “down there” Make me sick. Nasty. @cottonelle …just became an un-customer.”

Cottonelle is manning their social media streams to address the naysayers starting smear campaigns. 

In one response the company said:

“Hi Kenny, thanks for reaching out. No matter a person’s orientation, gender, or anything else, being clean impacts everyone. Here at Cottonelle Brand, diversity is embraced in all aspects and we are proud to share a commercial that is representative of that.”

Walmart was also recently taken to task by the religious right after they featured a reality show-type dating ad featuring a blind date between two men. American Family Association (AFA) quickly made a call to action for its supporters to sign a petition. 

“After you sign the petition, contact Walmart Headquarters and let them know you are extremely disappointed in them,” the appeal reads. “Firmly but politely urge them to remove the pro-homosexual video and remain neutral on controversial issues.”


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