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“Anal worms” are the cause of homosexuality, this “doctor” has found a way to kill them



Holistic medicine is a choice but apparently, according to Dr. Mariam Al-Sohel, homosexuality isn’t. She’s right about that but her reasoning is a bit sticky. 

She claims being gay is caused by hungry anal worms who thrive on semen. She has developed a cure for both. 

Dr. Al-Sohe calls herself a  “Kuwaiti New-Age Therapist and Human Development Advisor,” and has discovered a “cure” that doesn’t involve religious interventions or ex-gay psychiatric treatments. 

“I discovered therapeutic suppositories that curb the sexual urges of boys of the third gender as well as the fourth gender, which is butch lesbians,” she said in a recent television interview. “They have excessive sexual urges.”

“The sexual urge develops when a person is sexually attacked, and afterward it persists because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen,” she adds. “This is science, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Although she appears to have no idea about homosexuality or sexual preference, she claims those “butch lesbians” who have anal sex with men won’t get confused when inserting their treatments

“The ingredients [for the cure] are the same (for both sexes) but I made them into different colors.”

The “prophetic” plugs aren’t used solo, the patient must also partake in a specific diet plan.

Males of the “third gender,” presumably those who are effeminate, are given “foods that increase masculinity and build muscle,” she explains.”Bitter foods increase masculinity.”

Kuwaiti law prohibits homosexuality so gay men and women who are desperate may subscribe to Dr. Al-Sohe’s claims to avoid jail time or worse. 


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