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Who Is Rex Englebert? Nashville Officers Who Took Down Covenant School Shooter



Who Is Rex Englebert Nashville Officers Who Took Down Covenant School Shooter

Among the five officers, Michael Collazo and Rex Engelbert have been praised and credited by the department for their quick decision and brave personality in taking down the Convent School shooter. Collazo and Englebert have been working with Nashville Police Department for nine and four years respectively.

Who Is Rex Englebert?

Rex Englebert hails from Chicago. He was born and brought up with four siblings, three brothers, and one sister. Rex attended Queen of All Saints School in Sauganash and graduated in 2010.

After he graduated from school he attended suburban Loyla Academy. After his graduation, he completed his graduation from the University of Dayton.

Nashville Officers Who Took Down Covenant School Shooter

Coach Tim Feldheim was extremely proud of his student Rex for willingly putting his life on the line of risk to make sure that citizens of the state are safe. He expressed that he was incredibly proud of what Rex had done during the shootout.

His brother, Kevin Englebert was scared when he learned that Rex puts his life to save others. In response to the body cam video, he said that it was horrific as he was shit scared of not knowing what could have happened at the moment.

At the same time, he expressed that he was proud of his brother’s brave action to save them. He added that despite being happy for his brother, it felt very sad and tragic for the victims and others involved in the incident.

Ever since the shootout, none of the police officers on the scene have commented regarding the incident. Moreover, the department refused to make a slot for their interview.

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It hasn’t even been a week since the shootout. It is unclear the state of the officers. It is true that they are trained officers but after all, they are human. They could be mentally drained after seeing the bodies of the young child. So it is conclusive for them not to appear in any interviews at this moment.

All the officers in the shootout have been credited for their involvement in the case. Not only them but all the 75,000 officers who you out every day to face these kinds of incidents have also been appreciated for their effort.

What Happened At Convent School?

On 27 March 2023, Audrey Hale entered a convent school, where she attended, with two assault rifles and a pistol. She opened fire on defenseless victims causing the deaths of six individuals, three nine-year-olds and three sixty-year-olds.

Rex Englebert

Upon learning of the incident officers Rex Engerlbert and Michael Collazo and three other officers swarmed into the convent school despite the consequences. At the time they entered the school, the shooter Audrey was armed with ‌an assault rifle. That didn’t stop ‌officers from entering the school to prevent more deaths.

The webcam mounted on Officer Rex Englebert shows how they confronted the shooter in no time. The video on the webcam shows them impatiently entering the building while an employee briefly explains the situation.

Upon analysis of the video, the execution was near perfect and the communication was excellent between the officers. In the process, the officers encouraged themselves knowing that they were stepping into danger.

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In no time, the officers rushed from door to door checking the classrooms on the first floor. But there were no signs of any danger. As they kept hurrying they heard gunshots from the second floor and they immediately sprinted up the stairs and took down ‌28-year-old Audrey Hale, who was shooting through the windows at the officers outside.

The department and the entire state have praised their heroic act for stepping up to save the lives of children and putting themselves at ‌risk. As the nation is praising the officers, let’s take a look at the officers who took the shot at Audrey Hale.

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