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Irene Monroe: The real superheroes of P’Town Carnival

While today P’Town is one of the world's LGBTQ meccas — over 1,400 same-sex marriage licenses have been issued to us since 2004 — some contest our stormy relationship history with P’Town, which illustrates financial interest trumping the town's human interest in our civil rights.

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Peters vs. DeMaio: "One of the biggest slugfests of all time"

Scott Peters' camp calls Carl DeMaio an "anti-gay Tea Party extremist." Carl DeMaio's camp calls Scott Peters out.

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Irene Monroe: The stigma of black suicide is killing us

I can identify at least five factors contributing to suicide in communities of African descent which, for the most part, go unaddressed: untreated mental illness, homophobic bullying, religion, “cop-assisted suicide” and the “strong black woman syndrome.”

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Religious Discrimination 101

How freedom of religion is being distorted and exploited to further a homophobic agenda.

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History’s answer to the caterwaul of the contemptible

Some days, there seems no succor against the raging ignorance that plagues the United States. But others, there’s hope, and today, history has an answer: hearing loss.

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  • 9 most homophobic church signs

    Certain church leaders certainly seem to be re-prioritizing Jesus’ to-do list. They’ve decided to ignore the Bible’s minor points, like turn the other cheek and that whole Golden Rule thing. Also, they’re not going to worry so much about the poor. These shepherds, instead, demonstrate their love for Jesus Christ by hating on homosexuality.

  • Fear, shame and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS cheat us of important choices

    The conversations Center Staff and I are having with too many in the LGBT community are filled with crippling fear, shame and stigma - Fear that prevents regular HIV testing, stealing the chance for early detection and treatment.

  • What will it take to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in San Diego?

    The central theme of many of the questions was “What will it take to end the epidemic in San Diego?”

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