Content Removal Review

In cases where one requests to remove or update a content posted on SDGLN, they will have to submit a court-ordered expunction order. We have a process of our own through which we will remove or update the content which was posted on our website. There are certain requirements that must be met before we can start removing or updating content. For court orders to delete content, the request to take it down will be based on the following criteria and steps:

  • The request to take-down a content or update it should be made by the individual who is affected by the story or image. Requests from parents, family members, or friends will not be considered. In the case of minors, the parents or legal guardian can make the request. 
  • The individual should get an expunction order from the court before submitting the request with SDGLN. 
  • The person who is requesting the removal of the content must provide SDGLN with the court expunction order along with other necessary legal documents.
  • The document that the person submitting, including the expunction order should be able to be verified by the SDGLN team.
  • Once the request is submitted, SDGLN will assess the case and our Editor will make the final decision upon the request.
  • If the request made by the person is warranted by SDGLN, then the subject’s name will be removed from the story if the content is of more than one individual or subject. In the case of a story of a single individual, then our team will take down the whole story. In both cases, an update note will be added to indicate that content on our website has been revised or removed.
  • SDGLN only removes or revises the content on the website and cannot guarantee the anonymity of the story on search engines or third-party websites.
  • This process is not applicable if the subject is a public figure or official. 

SDGLN is only accepting take-down requests that are related to criminal content and is approved by the court for expunction. 

Once you submit the take-down request, it will be sent to the SDGLN content removal committee. The committee consists of journalists who will look into the request and will assess the case before making the final call. Our team will send you an email confirming that your request has been submitted.