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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out the policy regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and transfer of data from users by San Diego Local News when customers use the services. This San Diego Local News policy forms part and parcel of the Terms of Use for the Services and is also intended to let the users know about the type of data that we collect from you through the Services, how San Diego Local News collects the information, the people who will have access to the collected information, and the measures we take to protect the information gathered. 

This San Diego Local News privacy policy applies to information collected through the Services and we respect the privacy of the users and are committed to protecting it in all respects. So, keep reading this Privacy policy in detail.

Whenever you create, register with, or log into an account on or through the Services, note that you are accepting and agreeing to the latest version of this privacy policy, as well as, SDGLN’s Terms of Service. Similarly, you are agreeing to this privacy policy when you continue using the Services. 

This is why it is important that you go through this privacy policy in its entirety so that you become well aware of the privacy and security measures that we take for our online services. While using the services, also remember that your use or any dispute over the privacy measures are monitored based on this Policy, as well as, our Terms of Service including arbitration, class action waiver, limitation of liability, indemnity, forum selection, and governing law provisions contained in the Terms of Service. Due to the fast pacing and rapidly evolving technologies, we will be making changes to this policy whenever required. Such changes will be informed by posting on this page. 

Types of Information We Collect, Receive, and Store

As used hereafter, the term “personal information” means any information that would allow others to identify you online, and the term “non-personal information” means any data other than the personal information that we gather from you. We collect, store, and process the following types of information during your course of using the Services and this also depends on the circumstance of the Service you are using. So, here is the category of information we collect from you:

1. Identity Data- Your name, user name, gender, birth date, marital status, title, or other important demographic information

2. Contact Data- Telephone numbers, billing address, email address, and delivery address

3. Device and Browser Data- Internet service provider, internet protocol (IP) address, email address in hashed form, browser language, browser type and version, login data, operating system, referring pages, setting of time zone, mobile-based location, geolocation, and other technologies that you use on your device to access our services. 

4. Profile Data- Username and password, interests, preferences, feedback and survey responses

5. Usage Data- How you use our services, the mode of access, the number of clicks on a page or feature, the amount of time spent on a page, servers and applications accessed through our services, where you go when you stop using our services, and so on.

6. Social Media Data- Videos, photographs, images, comments, etc. that you access and submit or publish through our services

How is the Information Collected?

San Diego Local News collects personal and non-personal information from you when you visit or access, or use our services when you sign in or log into the services, when you let the services interact or connect with your mobile or computer device to access, upload, download, import, or export content, or whenever we request you such information. To collect your information, we use the following tracking, data aggression, or data analysis technologies:

1. Cookies- We use cookies or similar electronic tools to collect information for enhancing the responsiveness of the site for our users. Cookies help store user preferences and activities and allow the recognition of a browser or device. To provide you with a great experience while interacting with a page, cookies record the information that you access. You might be able to adjust and add preferences to the cookies to alert you when a cookie is downloaded or manage the cookies as needed. 

2. Web Beacons- Web beacons are codes embedded into a website or email that inspects the user’s activities on the website or while opening the email. These tools can pass along information such as the URL page info, the IP address of the device that you use to view the website, the type of browser used, and previously set cookie values. 

3. Flash Cookies- These cookies might be permanently stored on your device and they are written by Adobe Flash. Just like regular cookies, flash cookies might help improve the responsiveness of the site by storing user preferences and activities. Their browser settings are different from that of regular cookies. 

4. Analytical Tools and Services- These tools and services track, measure, or generate information about a website’s traffic, audience, and so on for conversion tracking, content rating research, marketing research, and statistical research. 

5. Scripts- These are codes embedded in a website to define how it responds to a particular click request by the users. Such information-accessing tools are used to collect data about a user’s interaction with a website.

How is the Collected Information Used?

We collect the information from you to find ways for enhancing your experience while using our website. The following are the ways in which we use both the personal and non-personal information provided by you:

  • To improve the responsiveness of our website
  • For examining the service usage
  • To enhance the quality of our content
  • Based on your activities, we personalize the content and features of our services
  • To respond to your queries and concerns
  • To detect and solve server issues
  • To stop fraud and other illegal activities thereby protecting the safety of our users
  • To get connected with you for your participation in our surveys, as well as, get your timely feedback
  • To enable the recognition of your browser if you have previously visited us so that we can easily save and remember your preferences and activities

Disclosure of Personal Information

Vendors and Service Providers

We might share your personal information with vendors and service providers with whom we collaborate and ensure that they use the information only in relation to the services they provide for our company and our users. Note that the information that you share using the features we provide that might get your data open to the public is not the responsibility of our website. Such disclosures do not become a part of this privacy policy. 

Other Disclosures 

We also disclose personal information when requested or required by the law, court, governmental agency, or authority for investigation or other legal purposes. In situations when we have to protect our rights or the rights of our affiliates, employees, associates, directors, or officers for contacting or bringing legal action against someone who is interfering with our rights and policies, we might share your information. 

Other Parties Collecting Your Information

Third-Party Advertising, Data, and Analytics Company

For the purpose of serving some advertisements that you see on our website, we work with third-party advertising companies like Google. Note that some of the cookies and web beacons that you come across on our website might be managed by third parties whom we have no control over. 

How to Opt-Out of the Promotional Communications That We Send?

At any time you can opt-out of the email communications sent from our website by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail or by accessing the instructions given along with the email message. You can even send a request to our customer service at ________________ or through postal mail to: _______________

Data Retention and Updating Your Personal or Registration Information 

For business purposes, we might retain the data collected from you as required. We also reserve the right to delete or dispose of any information at any time except when an agreement or document exists between users and Us. to change your personal information and registration information, you can contact our customer service at ___________________

Measures We Take to Protect Your Information 

San Diego Local News does its best to ensure the safety and protection of the personal and non-personal information that you provide us. That being said, remember that no security system is impenetrable. So, we cannot guarantee that our database won’t be attacked and the data you provide will not be intercepted while being transferred to use over the internet. This implies that for any security breach that happens, our website will not be responsible. But, for all the data we gather, we make sure to take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access to your profile for making any changes or other purposes. 

What Should You Know About Third-Party Sites and Advertising

Our site includes many services provided by third-party websites whose privacy policies we have no control over. So, note that any use of these third-party websites should be at your risk. In such cases, the personal information that you provide will be controlled by third-party websites. If any problem occurs, you should contact these websites to address your concerns. 

As preached by the law, we will not take responsibility for any third-party websites, servers, or platforms and their practices. While accessing such websites or services, it is your sole responsibility to carefully go through their privacy policies and accept them. San Diego Local News assumes no liability or responsibility for the content or privacy policies of such websites. 


San Diego Local News does not knowingly gather, store, or even encourage the collection of information from anyone below the age group of 13. If we obtain knowledge the data collected was from a person below 13 years, we will immediately take reasonable measures to stop the use of such information or even store it in retrievable form. Also, those under 18 years may request at any time to remove content or information about you from our website. You can send a request with the subject line, “ Removal of Minor Information”. After mentioning this in the subject line of the email, include the following in the body: 

  • The nature or form of your request
  • The specific website that is the subject of your request
  • The identity of the information to be deleted
  • The location, that is, the URL of the specific information on the website
  • Mention that the request is concerning the “ Removal of Minor Information”
  • Name, street address, city, state, zip code, and email address
  • The medium through which you prefer the response, mail or email

This is the right format for requesting the removal of minor information. Any irregularity, mistake, or error will not be accepted for removal. In certain situations like when the law asks for the maintenance of such information when the content is posted on a third-party website when we anonymize the data so that you are not individually identified, when you do not follow the format for request, and when you have received compensation for providing such information.

How to Contact Us?

If you have any concerns or queries about our privacy policy, contact our customer care at [email protected].

Your California Privacy Rights

If you are from California, you will have additional laws regarding our use of your personal information or content. To know more about your California Privacy Rights, visit the CCPA Privacy Notice. 

Your Nevada Privacy Rights

The Nevada law offers some special rights to people living in Nevada for restricting some businesses from sharing personal information with third parties who might sell it to other third parties. To exercise and know more about this right, click the link given below.

When Is Our Privacy Policy Effective and How We Post Changes?

This Privacy Policy of San Diego Local News is effective from the date that is mentioned at the top of this policy. We might change or update the policies at any time and provide a notice of change to let the users know. 

International Law: San Diego Local News operates, controls, and administers services in the United States and never represents the use of our services outside the United States. Illegal access is completely prohibited and the services cannot be used against U.S. laws, rules, and regulations. In case you access any of our services from outside the United States, you will have to comply with the laws. 

Electronic Communications: Communications from San Diego Local News to you will be sent via electronic mail. 

Reporting Abuse: We have an active email address to which you can report abuse. In case you notice any content against our Terms of Service, you can contact us at [email protected]

Notices: Any concerns, queries, or communication from you to us should be in written form and sent to the address given below: