SDGLN honors those who have given their lives to protect our freedoms

We at SDGLN and all of Hale Media wish to take a moment to remember all of our fallen heroes this Memorial Day.

Through history, the brave men and women in all branches of the military have given their lives to ensure the freedoms we share as Americans.

Coming out in the face of discrimination: the bathroom selfie saga

Maxwell Jamison

On April 19 2016, Target publicly announced the company’s inclusive restroom policy in response to North Carolina’s House Bill 2, the anti-transgender bill that sparked debate throughout the nation.

Breaking down the subway bigot's rant, she's not the worse person in the video

What can we learn from this woman's bigoted rant?

Before everyone starts commenting to me about letting this hateful, vile woman yelling on the subway die in infamy, I want to point out a few things, and break down how prejudice and homophobia infiltrate society to degrees that some of us don’t understand.

Black comedian says goodbye to Obama using a racial slur

President Obama gets called the n-word by comedian at send-off dinner

What was expected  to be a friendly and light-hearted skewering of political and media elites at the White House correspondents’ dinner by Larry Wilmore, comedian and host of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show,”  turned into a night of off-color remarks, edgy jabs where you heard moans and groans. 

Pope’s damaging message to trans teens

Pope Francis gives his apostolic exhortation

Pope Francis’ long-awaited apostolic exhortation — “Amoris Laetitia,” or “The Joy of Love” — was just released. 

The good news is that he urges church leaders to be pastors rather than church bureaucrats. The request wasn’t surprising because Pope Francis immediately taking the reigns of the Catholic Church displayed a pastoral countenance to his papacy. 

Massachusetts isn’t Mississippi, but we too have no trans accommodation bill

Massachusetts may not be as progressive as one would like to believe.

Mississippi and North Carolina can now be added to the list of states codifying transgender discrimination.

To date, only seventeen states across the country have passed non-discrimination bills protecting transgender citizens in public spaces. Shockingly, Massachusetts isn’t one of them.