'Kong: Skull Island' will knock your socks off

"Kong: Skull Island" has so many showstopping effects it will make your jaw drop.

The King of all Beasts, Kong has always been portrayed as a misunderstood creature whose size and power aggregate fears among his much smaller, and perhaps inferior cousins on the evolutionary timeline.  

Adult star Matthew Rush on battery charge: He 'ran into my forearm'

Porn star Matthew Rush claims his ex "ran into his forearm" during domestic dispute.

Adult star Matthew Rush, nee Gregory Grove, is being charged with domestic violence toward his ex-boyfriend.

During a heated dispute, the two men became physical with one another.

Originally, Rush claimed that he punched his ex in self-defense, but has changed that story to say that the ex-boyfriend “ran into his forearm.”

Meet the cast of Logo's 'Fire Island'

The cast of Logo's new reality series "Fire Island."

Can six gay men with varied backgrounds and personalities survive in a house together on New York’s Fire Island?

That is the premise behind Logo’s new show of the same name.

Executive Producers Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos, say the reality show captures their affection for the location and that is transferred to the show.

Theater Review: "The Blameless"

The cast of the world premiere of The Blameless, by Nick Gandiello.

The unspeakable violent tragedy that took college student Jesse Garcia’s life still casts a pall over the family, the colorful kitchen photo banner of the family together now a constant testament to the loss and ache that will never heal completely.

Kathy Griffin talks to SDGLN about her LGBT award, the community and Gwyneth Paltrow

Kathy Griffin is an LGBT ally who will be honored by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus on March 12.

It might be said that Kathy Griffin was probably the originator of the modern day tea party. No, not that Tea Party, the one she invited us to, first on her weekly Emmy-winning reality show “My Life on the D-List," then in her stage act where she pours aplenty on Hollywood and its ilk.

Theater Review: "Sex With Strangers"

 “Sex With Strangers” (one of the ten most-produced plays in the U.S. this season) is smart, funny and thought-provoking.

Is that really what it’s about? Well, yes and no. 

Laura Eason’s “Sex With Strangers” is also about the technology revolution’s effect on reading habits, and about whether a (human) snake can ever shed his skin and become something more socially presentable.

Brother and sister fight over hot pool man in Coke ad

Sibling rivalry over the hot pool boy in new Coke ad.

Advertisers don’t seem to be pulling away from LGBT issues in their product commercials.

This latest one from Coca-Cola may be the best, and funniest we have seen so far this year.

In it, a hunky pool boy is carefully sifting leaves from the swimming pool, as a young lady fawns at him from a downstairs window. 

Caitlyn joins Laverne in support of Grimm

Caitlyn Jenner is in full support of Gavin Grimm.

One reality star and one Netflix star are coming to the defense of transgender plaintiff Gavin Grimm, who will stand before the Supreme Court on March 28 reports TMZ.