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UC San Diego student pranks homophobic campus preacher

Jerry Ramirez mocks homophobic campus preacher who thinks being in theater arts makes you gay.

A homophobic evangelist who set up a UC San Diego campus soap box got more than he bargained for when a student named Jerry Ramirez stood alongside him and began mocking his message. 

Trump honors Pulse victims via tweet

Some people calling Donald Trump's tweet about Pulse victims insincere.

President Trump hasn’t recognized what his predecessors have: that June is LGBT Pride month.

Trump's Hollywood star after LA Pride

During the Resist March, L.A. protesters left stickers across Trump's Walk of Fame star.

What is normally a tourist destination for travelers around the world wanting to see the markers for people such as Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was of even more interest to Resist March, nee LA Pride,  participants who visited Donald Trump’s this past weekend.

Pulse tribute song 'Finish the Dance' an uplifting honor to those who couldn't

Danielle LoPresti wants every one to "Finish the Dance" the innocent Pulse victims couldn't

Today Singer/songwriter Danielle LoPresti and her wife Alicia Champion are commemorating the one-year anniversary of the loss of 49 innocent lives at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida with the release of their tribute song “Finish the Dance.”

Married and mothers to a wonderful son, the couple was hit extremely hard by the news that came out of Orlando that morning.  

DJ Infinite was at Pulse, and is making peace through music

 Ray Rivera was at Pulse one year ago, and says he will not let hate win.

Ray Rivera, aka DJ Infinite, is taking some time to reflect today on this the first anniversary of the Pulse tragedy that took the innocent lives of 49 men and women in Orlando Florida.

Ray, a straight ally, was there that morning of June 12, playing songs from the deck setting the mood for just over 300 people inside.

Scissor Sisters release their first dance single in five years

Sister Sisters and MINDR collaborate on new infectious single.

"Swirl it, Twirl it, Twerk it. Swerve. Work it."

The Scissor Sisters are back with a new single called “SWERLK,” and as you can tell by the lyrics above it’s as catchy, if not more than their last hit “Let’s Have a Kiki.”

“Let’s Have a Kiki” was released in 2012, but the Sisters, after saying they would be going on an indefinite hiatus, have returned for a good cause.

Facebook adds rainbow flag emoji for Pride month

Facebook has released a rainbow flag emoji for Pride month.

In addition to Facebook allowing people to show their appreciation for an outstanding status with a thumbs-up or smilie face, today they added a new emoji to their emoticon ribbon to celebrate Pride month: a rainbow flag.

The company in a post says they, “believe in building a platform that supports all communities.”

Ricky Rebel back in San Diego for two shows

If anything can be said about Ricky Rebel it’s that he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to 80’s pop royalty and that can be easily heard  in his new release “If You Were My Baby.”

Equal parts Prince, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie, this track invokes those late artists while adding that familiar dance-synth vibe that is purely Rebel.

Kathy Kosins is a modern day legend of jazz

Kathy Kosins will perform at Martinis Above Fourth on June 13 at Martinis Above Fourth.

Kathy Kosins is no stranger to music. She has a fanbase which extends around the globe, and once you listen to her perform you will see why The Chicago Tribune called her “One of the most alluring voices in jazz.”