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Meet Michael Saltsman, the new owner of Uptown Tavern

Scott Borden and Michael Saltsman are the new owners of Uptown Tavern in Hillcrest.

Hillcrest’s bar and eatery, Uptown Tavern, is getting new ownership and the buyer is no stranger to hospitality in the community.   

Uptown Tavern officially opened its doors in 2012 and has become a hot social destination serving great food and beverages.

Jim Winsor’s Out & About: Pool party season begins

LE Pool Party at the Lafayette Hotel

June is finally here, and with it comes the pleasantly warm sunny weather that makes rooftop get-togethers and great pool parties in San Diego possible!

Top of the Bay at Porto Vista Hotel

Theater Review: “The Revolutionists”

Samantha Ginn, Lisel Gorell-Getz, Jo Anne Glover & Cashae Monya in The Revolutionists.

The Reign of Terror as comedy? Hey, why not?

In “The Revolutionists,” playwright Lauren Gunderson takes us to the France of 1793, after the revolution and during the time the extremist Jacobins were guillotining “traitors” (anyone who disagreed with or made fun of them).

San Diego makes music at the Mainly Mozart Festival

Music Director Michael Francis conducts as Mainly Mozart celebrates 29 years in San Diego.

Music and culture come alive in San Diego for the month of June as the 29th annual Mainly Mozart Festival returns.

This musical celebration is not to be missed if you enjoy the sounds of classical music.

Talented musicians will be showcased throughout the month at different events going on at The Balboa Theatre downtown, La Jolla and other beautiful San Diego landmarks. 

Sergio Cabrera paints with all the colors of his heart

Every brush stroke represents emotion in Sergio Cabrera's paintings.

Sergio Cabrera is a painter who never stops. And the desire to create things on paper, canvas or whatever material he has at hand goes way back to when he saw his dad Benito making sketches of cartoons such as the Fintstones and Disney characters for his sister Xochi.

Theater Review: "Shockheaded Peter"

Sarah Errignton in "Shockheaded Peter"

“The mind is full of monsters,” says the Emcee (Sarah Errington). Those of a weak constitution leave now, such things are not for the incontinent.”

I’m a big fan of parodies like “Twisted Tales from Shakespeare” and “Fractured Fairy Tales.”

But monsters? Not so much. So take this with a big grain of whatever monsters put on their popcorn.

Theater Review: “Gidion’s Knot”

 Jyl Kaneshiro and Carla Nell.

The audience enters room 418, where 5th grade teacher Heather Clark (Carla Nell) sits at her desk reading, shuffling papers and checking her cell phone.

It’s a colorful, cheery classroom, but Heather seems anything but cheery. At one point, she breaks down in tears.

'Handsome Devil' is the gay feel-good movie of the year

Nicholas Galitzine and Fionn O’Shea in the excellent "Handsome Devil."

In what I think might be the best feel-good film of the year, “Handsome Devil” will get its west coast premiere at the 19th annual San Diego LGBT Film Festival presented by FilmOut.