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Theater Review: “Red Velvet”

Albert Jones as Ira Aldridge and Amelia Pedlow as Margaret Aldridge.

When Edmund Kean, the pre-eminent Shakespearean actor of the mid-19th century, took sick during a run of “Othello” in Covent Garden in 1833, New York-born Ira Aldridge took over the role. 

Pepsi pulls disrespectful protest ad

Pepsi tried to evoke a sense of harmony and goodwill by creating an ad that showcased the call for unity in a world divided. Unfortunately, they only reminded folks that cultural appropriation and privilege try effectively sell products on a subliminal level.

Lego 'Drag Race' set snaps closer to reality

Ru Paul's Drag Race could become part of the Lego Universe if enough people vote.

The RuPaul’s Lego Brick Race campaign submitted by one Australian enthusiast is getting closer to becoming a reality.

Mark Fitzpatrick submitted his idea for the drag show Lego set in the toy company's user submitted "Ideas" campaign earlier this year.

Theater Review: “The 39 Steps”

Londoner Richard Hannay, trying to take his mind off his near-suicidal boredom, opts to go to the theater – something “mindless and trivial” – and ends up on the run in “The 39 Steps,” a hilarious nonstop homage to the Hitchcock film of the same name.

Keep It Comin’ Love: KC is still on track

KC and the Sunshine Band are sill shake shake shaking their booties four decades later.

As we Gen X-ers age out of the system for the new generation of gay kids who point the finger at us for screwing up their current experiences and the subsequent alphanumeric generations that will follow, we can at least say that we gave them DJs, raves and circuit parties, something they take for granted every time they pay for another hot pink paper wristband, or swallow another neon colored J

Latest to exit 'Drag Race' gives SDGLN the tea

The first contestant goes home on Ru Paul's Drag Race season 9

Spoiler Alert: if you haven't seen the latest episode of Drag Race, don't read any further. 

Ru Paul’s Drag Race season nine has been fraught with controversy and criticism from fans. First Mama Ru not being in drag on the first episode, the switch from Logo to VH1 and finally upcoming guest host Wendy Williams, serving as a judge and critic.

Television actor Daniel Newman comes out

Daniel Newman comes out and asks people to not be afraid to do the same.

Horror serial “The Walking Dead” may seem like an unlikely place for LGBT support, but the show has constantly held its own when it comes to portraying strong gay characters and respectful story arcs.

Yesterday actor Daniel Newman who plays Daniel on the zombie action epic came out on Twitter.