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One Million Moms boycott Disney's "Andi Mack" TV show

The coming out storyline in Disney's tween series "Andi Mack" has One Million Moms calling for a boycott.

You knew it was only a matter of time before “family-friendly” organization and the purveyors of censorship One Million Moms (1MM) would have a melt-down over the recent decision by Disney Channel to include a coming-out story arc in their popular tween kids show “Andi Mack.”

Theater Review: "Of Mice and Men"

L-R (front) Wallace Bruce, Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper, L-R (back) John Greenleaf, Justin Lang, Max Macke J. Stephen Brantley, Jacob Sidney

It’s impossible to leave a production of John Steinbeck’s Depression-era “Of Mice and Men” unmoved by the plight of those itinerant farmworkers whose lives are determined not by their will but by time and nature, requiring backbreaking work and frequent moves.  

Republican mayor does drag, not everyone approves

Republican Mayor Derek Easterling werks to raise coins for a worthy cause, some not happy about it.

Georgia Mayor Derek Easterling who oversees Kennesaw (pop. 29,783) will do almost anything that will help a good cause including dressing in drag, but some people didn’t find it amusing.

Disney Channel gets its first tween gay character

The second season of Andi Mack premieres Friday, October 27 at 8 pm ET/PT on Disney Channel. 

The Disney entertainment universe, including the realm of Pixar, haven’t blatantly made any of their characters gay, until now.

In the Disney Channel show Andi Mack, 13-year-old and best friend to the show’s namesake Cyrus is about to make the network's history as he becomes not only the first confirmed gay Disney character but one who has a coming-out arc.

Amazon Key lets delivery people into your home while you're out

Are you willing to let strangers in your home just to get an Amazon package delivered while you're away?

Remember when you were apprehensive about online ordering? You weren’t willing to plug in your credit card number over the internet because “it was so new.”

Now, not only are people buying things through online ordering, but in doing so, putting popular stores out of business. How much longer will Best Buy and Gamestop hang on?

'Drag Race All-Stars' season 3 queens Ruvealed

The cast of season 3 of "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars."

On Friday, the cast for  RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars season 3 were Ru-vealed with queens ranging from season two to season nine of the mother show. 

Here they are along with a small bio about them with a few words on why they are excited to be a part of this show: 

Aja (Season Nine) Brooklyn, NY Twitter: @ajaqueen, Instagram: @ajathekween