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Family of actor Nelsan Ellis release details behind his death

Nelsan Ellis - 1977-2017

Fans of the hit show True Blood were in shock over the weekend as news broke about one of the series’ stars Nelsan Ellis’ sudden death.

Ellis was only 39-years-old and many speculated that the cause of his passing was due to heart failure.

'Jayden K. Smith' Facebook warning is a PM hoax

Latest Facebook hoax should be ignored.

Just to add a little bit more inconvenience to your day, a Facebook hoax has been making the rounds and many people are falling for it.

The message is sent to you via Private Messager and reads something like the following:

11 things to know before you see 'The Women'

FilmOut San Diego and San Diego Pride are presenting the 1939 feminine powered classic “The Women” on the big screen on July 12.

If you aren’t familiar with this film, now would be a good time to see it. Perhaps the only film in history filled with so much estrogen, even the artworks in the movie are all female.

'KloQd' has you covered for Pride

Steffany Kovacs was making cloaks and capes way before Wonder Woman made them popular again.

She owns KloQd, and you have probably seen her fun designs around Hillcrest.

Out & About with Jinx Mirage: Gearing up for San Diego Pride

San Diego Pride is just a week away and we have all the details on what to do while you wait.

What’s up world?!

this your social butterfly Jinx Mirage bringing you all the what’s-what and the goings on in the San Diego Gay Community.

And I hope you all had a great July 4th weekend because I sure did. But before I get into all that craziness. Let’s talk about a few of the events coming up this week.

Watch Florida drag artist drop from atop bus in her act

Elishaly D’Witshes doesn’t mind taking public transit, in fact, she incorporates in into her drag act.

On June 23, this athletic drag queen was performing at Miami’s Palace Bar, and in the middle of her act climbed aboard a double-decker bus parked just outside the patio and did the splits after hanging from the top.

Christian web evangelist wants cross reaction button on Facebook

The proposed cross added to Facebook's emoji reaction strip.

 The Rainbow flag emoji on Facebook has allowed many people to express their Pride, but one conservative group is asking that the social media giant also include a religious symbol in the form of a cross to the reaction bar.