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Disneyland's 'Autopia' gets a cute upgrade

ASIMO and Bird accompany drivers in an upgraded Autopia at Disneyland.

The Utopia attraction at Disneyland may have been the first time we ever got to sit behind the wheel of an automobile and actually “drive” it.

'Lip Sync War' at Uptown Tavern tonight

Lip Sync Wars is at Uptown Tavern on Wednesday, March 29, at 10 pm.

Wednesday night at Uptown Tavern is going to be filled with energy, showmanship, and hilarity as eight people put their best lips forward to vie for the prize of Lip-Sync champion.

Shirtless Violinist responds to Disney haters with 'Beast' of his own

The "Shirtless Violinist" has his own gay moment in this version of "Beauty and the Beast."

This may be the first gay Disney fairy tale and an answer to the whole “Beauty and the Beast” controversy surrounding the live action redux which was released last week.

This newest video from the classical musician known as the “Shirtless Violinist” takes place in a ballroom as the artist takes bow in-hand to perform the namesake title track from the popular fairy tale.

Theater Review: “Abundance”

Tuesday at 7 pm; Thursday and Friday at 8 pm; Saturday at 2 and 8 pm; Sunday at 2 pm

The U.S. west was hard on everyone in the 19th century – most especially women, some of whom were brought in from points east to serve (and I do mean serve) as wives for lonely bachelors who had settled there earlier.

'Trans' revenge film “The Assignment” already being boycotted

Michelle Rodriguez plays a man forced to become a woman in the controversial film "The Assignment."

The new film “The Assignment” is opening on April 7, but it has many in the trans community already planning to boycott it

Directed by Walter Hill, this thriller follows Michelle Rodriguez taking vigilante action on her captors after they kidnap, then perform man-to-woman sexual re-assignment surgery on her.

Trans singer's beautiful song of inclusion gets over 1 million hits

Rizi Xavier Timane says "Love is all We Need" through Trump administration

Transgender singer and activist Dr. Rizi Xavier Timane, has created a video which showcases the need for people to come together with a single, simple message of love.

“Love Is All We Need” has become a viral sensation on YouTube with over 1 million hits and counting. The tune depicts several people in the societal spectrum from trans folks and gay people to men and women of color.

Theater Review: "On The Twentieth Century"

“On The 20th Century” plays through April 30, 2017 at Cygnet Theatre, 4040 Twiggs Street in Old Town.


The sight of four tap-dancing porters in front of Sean Fanning’s jaw-dropping railroad car scenic design sets you up for Cygnet Theatre’s latest offering –  the musical comedy “On The Twentieth Century,” a visual and auditory treat that traces its inspiration back to the 1930s. Yep, and with all those great costumes by Jeanne Reith.


Andrew Christian and models to visit Hillcrest: Mankind and Rich's

"Sex = Power = Freedom" models: Topher DiMaggio, Matt O'Reilly

Andrew Christian may be best known for his underwear and sexy attire, but the models he chooses to showcase them are equally as refined. 

In his new coffee table book called “Sex = Power = Freedom”, Christian explores both his famous underwear and the muscular men who sell them through pictorials and online catalogs.

Havana Nights returns to #1 Fifth Avenue on Saturday night

The popular Havana Nights event returns to #1 Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest on Saturday, March 25 starting at 8 pm.

The night, which features live music by Manny Cepeda & Orchestra, has become a night not to miss. Guests are encouraged to arrive early as this night always fills up.