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Italian LGBT officials say "gay" restroom sign was humiliating

Restroom sign in Italian restroom causes stir among LGBT group.

Italy has made some strides with LGBT acceptance, they even legalized gay marriage in 2016.

But one bed and breakfast called Le Camporelle di Cavallino in the southern part of that country had some LGBT watch groups wondering about its restroom signage. 

Theater Review: "Evita"

 Marisa Matthews as "Eva Perón" in EVITA

Eva Perón is a great subject for theater.

Here’s a poor but pretty and extremely ambitious girl from Nowhere, Argentina who sleeps her way to the presidential mansion in Buenos Aires, not only marrying strongman Juan Perón but becoming an icon and a near saint in the process. What’s more dramatic than that?

Pink drops latest single to surprised fans on Thursday

Pink drops new single "What About Us" on Thursday.

Did everyone catch that sneaky release of Pink's New single “What About Us” on Thursday?

This is the premiere single from her forthcoming album “Beautiful Trauma" dropping October 13. 

The outspoken superstar has been busy lately with the birth of her second child Jameson Moon in December.

That time 'The Love Boat' featured a trans character

The transgender-themed “Gopher’s Roommate” episode of “The Love Boat” in 1982 would probably be considered offensive by today’s LGBT watchdogs, but did it deal with the subject as sensitively as it could 35 years ago?  Yes and No.

Activist paints hateful Tweets at Twitter offices after they refuse to delete them

Twitter won't delete hateful tweets, so this activist painted them in front of their offices.

The sidewalk in front of the Twitter headquarters in Hamburg Germany was filled with hate speech, the same hate speech that they refused to delete from their very application.

Shahak Shapira wanted to make a statement about how the company refused to delete incendiary comments he reported to the company which involved anti-Semitism, homophobia, and sexism.

Viral pic shows baby in the happiest place on earth, with dads

Two dads rest up after Disney World with their now viral star Anakin.

Disney seems to bring out not only the best in people but the exhaustion too.

These two dads are no different except they took a picture of their adventure and it has left the internet going “aww.”

Drag queen decks man who snatches off her wig

Heiress Blackstone has a violent reaction to a man who pulls of her wig in public.

One Irish drag queen was not pleased when a man snatched off her wig in public.

Heiress Blackstone is an Irish drag performer and in a viral video, it shows her doing a promo piece on the street.

A pedestrian suddenly appears to her left and grabs her wig; if you listen closely it sounds like he calls her a homophobic epithet.