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Tyson Ritter's new video perpetuates the 'man in dress' stereotype

Tyson Ritter portrays trans sex worker in new music video.

“Gives You Hell” band All-American Rejects have released a new EP with the songs “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes,” both tracks appear on a video short which has already been generating some controversy.

In the first part of the video narrative, frontman Tyson Ritter portrays Betsy a cross-dressing sex worker by night who goes home to his nuclear family before daybreak.

Out & About with Jinx Mirage: Champagne Wishes and Pool Party Dreams

Jinx Mirage gives you the details on everything to do this week in "Out & About."

What's up Hillcrest, it's your Social Diva Jinx Mirage, bringing you another weekend of fun in paradise.

So grab your besties or lesties, your best fun in the sun outfit, and let's celebrate another weekend of beautiful SoCal living. 

Get Babycakes Mimosa Brunch Deal Every Day

Watch this sweet animated short about a gay schoolboy crush

This sweet short is an adorable gay love story.

Get ready to have your “aw” reflex stimulated in the new animated short called “In a Heartbeat.”

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News first told you about this project back in May of this year when its creators were trying to raise $3,000 to complete it.

Retro arcade exhibit opens in San Diego, no quarters needed

The Fleet Science Center is located at 1875 El Prado San Diego, CA 92101

Remember when video arcades dominated the globe and children and adults everywhere ditched their responsibilities to spend their quarters in strip malls playing “Donkey Kong” “Asteroids” or “Centipede?”

Stop telling women to stay out of gay bars says writer

Writer says women don't need "permission" to go to gay clubs.

There are many opinions in the LGBT community about whether or not gay men’s clubs should be safe spaces for men only.

But Rose Dommu says that keeping females out of gay clubs is nothing more than misogyny and people shouldn’t exclude them.

She writes, “Dear gay men, stop telling women they can't be in gay bars.”

Radio hosts not apologizing for comic's transphobic remarks

The hosts of morning radio show “The Breakfast Club” are currently immersed in a controversy over one of their guests saying he would kill a woman if he found out later she was trans after sleeping with her and they aren’t apologizing for it.

Hillcrest retailer has to change its name or face lawsuit

Hilcrest retailer says it has to change its name or face lawsuit from jeans company.

San Diego men’s retailer Mankind may have to change the name of their outlet after jean company “7 for All Mankind” has threatened to sue for trademark infringement.

In a social media post on Monday, Mankind reached out to their followers asking for suggestions on a new name.

Comedian makes violent transphobic remarks on radio show

Comedian Lil Duval makes scary transphobic remarks and causes social media outrage.

Part-time actor and comedian Lil Duval is probably going to have a rough week on social media. He was a guest on New York’s popular radio show “The Breakfast Club” on Friday and said he would kill a trans woman if he slept with her and didn’t know.